“I never pass on the chance to work with someone who knows how to learn and succeed in any environment. Jeff is one of these people. I strongly recommend Jeff for virtually any project you have in mind. If you have any doubts, just give him an objective and some resources and watch him go to work.”


– Hunter Sebresos, CEO,  Bacon (formerly at Cambeo)


"Jeff is a critical member of my team when it comes to developing compelling stories with data. He's not just a writer, but a strategic thinker."

– Sterling Jackson, VP of Marketing,  UserTesting (formerly at Qualtrics)

"Jeff understands storytelling and knows how to make it meaningful to those consuming it. He is by far one of the best writers I've ever worked with!"

– Wesley Eames, Co-founder & CEO,  Trace


"...add to those talents writing talent that would make most people with 10+ years experience envious and you have Jeff."

– Deon Lewis, Sr. Director of Marketing, ATL Technology (formerly at Weave)


"I tried to get him to stick with golf, but he didn't seem to want free college."

– Alan Hicken, Jeff's father (aka "Banana Boots")


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